The Basics of Cooking for Diabetics

Diabetes is a serious condition that can have detrimental or even life-threatening effects for its sufferers. However, with the right medical care, medicine if needed and the proper diet, it is possible to keep diabetes under control. If you or someone you love has this condition, one of the best things you can do is learn cooking for diabetics. Diabetic food does not have to be tasteless or bland, but there are some special guidelines to follow when preparing meals for those with diabetes.

When researching diabetic cooking, it helps to take into consideration the other conditions one may suffer from. For example, many people with diabetes are overweight, so meals should be prepared in a light manner. Some have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. In this case, foods should be low in sodium as this is a big contributor to high blood pressure. This is not true for everyone, however, some diabetics out of the 15 million plus do not have problems with their blood pressure or weight. Therefore there is no real one-size-fits-all dietary plan.

It may help to ask your doctor or a dietitian who has experience in diabetic nutrition. They can give you some excellent guidelines on foods to eat and those to avoid. Also the American Diabetes Association has some great information on their site about food and cooking. One thing many with diabetes need to avoid is an excess of sugar. There are plenty of sugar substitutes including Sweet-n-Low, Splenda and many others. It is a good idea to ask a doctor or nutritionist which artificial sweeteners are best. You may be advised to sweeten cakes and other treats with natural fruit juice, however these can still be high in sugar and carbs.

One of the most helpful things you can do besides consulting with a medical professional is stocking up on diabetic cookbooks. That way, you have pages and pages of healthy recipes for diabetics at your fingertips. You will find no shortage of these books at bookstores and libraries because of the large number of people with diabetes. A few titles you may want to consider include but are not limited to the following: Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook: Everyday Meals, Easy as 1-2-3 by Betty Crocker Editors, Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking: A Full Year of Simple, Menus and Easy Recipes by Lara Rondinelli and Jennifer Bucko and Holly Cleggs' Trim & Terrific Diabetic Cooking: Over 225 Recipes That Can Be on Your Table in 30 Minutes by Holly Clegg.


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