A Guide to Various Cooking Jobs

There are all kinds of cooking jobs you can get if you have the right training and education. While you may have worked at a fast food restaurant in high school or college, this is far removed from the opportunities available to graduates of fine culinary institutes. Even if you have worked as a chef at a local restaurant without any formal schooling you will find that getting your culinary education can take you so much farther than you ever imagined. In this article we will examine the various types of jobs available to graduates of accredited culinary schools.

One job is of course that of a chef at a five star restaurant. These dining establishments will not even look at you if you don't have a degree from a school they find suitable, like the Art Institute Culinary School or Le Cordon Bleu. If you want a job at a restaurant serving a particular type of international cuisine such as Thai or Italian, you might even want to investigate cooking schools in these countries. Not only do you get the excitement of being abroad you learn skills from the very source.

Another career to consider is cooking at a fine hotel or resort. There are many casino resorts in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and various other places where you'll find numerous restaurants that pay their chefs and culinary staff quite well. The atmosphere in such a place is one of beauty and luxury, and the food you will be preparing must be both delicious and presented in an attractive way – something you will learn in school. Also at resorts and hotels you can get more into the business aspect of restaurant operation.

If you hunger for adventure, there are opportunities for educated chefs on cruise ships. This means you get to cruise the high seas while visiting exotic ports of call. During your time off, you get to enjoy many of the same amenities and events as the passengers. It is a wonderful way to see the world while making good money. Cruise ships have multiple restaurants right on the ship that need qualified kitchen personnel. Sure, you won't be home much but if you are unmarried with no children this is a top opportunity for fun and excitement, all while getting paid. As you can see, there are many different cooking jobs for those who have adequate training and experience.


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